Straight to the point. Skip the unnecessary crap.

“You need at least 1 week in Florence”. “Paris is so huge that if you want to see everything, you should consider spending 2 weeks there”. These are just some examples of the stuff you can read on some travel blogs and hear some of the most famous “influencers” say.

Since we don’t have as much time as these people on our hands, we focus on writing articles intended for travelers who either have a normal working life (limited amount of holidays per year) or do not like to waste their time visiting pointless places just because they’re considered as “not to be missed” by some travel guides.

We will let you know what (in our opinion) is not worth visiting. Also, every time we visit new places, we always try to discover not well-known spots, out of the common and famous tourist guides.

You can read more about our intentions and this project’s purpose here.

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