About speedytrippers

Basically, we are completely normal people, with full-time jobs and 5 weeks of holidays per year. Also, we haven’t managed to find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow yet, so our budget is quite limited. The thing is, we are good at traveling and getting as much as possible from our journeys. 

The knowledge we currently have comes from several mistakes made because of following the romantic advices of some “influencers” in a comfortable position of an endless vacation and often way above the budget estipulated, which is just not our case.

On our articles, you’ll find our personal opinion about what to skip in each city in order to optimize the quality of your trip and reduce the expenses, according to the limited time you might have.

What you need to know about us is that we don’t like to stay too much time in one place. We are not the kind of people that waste an entire day doing something that can be done somewhere else. We always want to see more and we are aware that sometimes we don’t rest enough. Be aware that for traveling with us you need to be active, so leave grandma at home just in case. 

We try to balance the costs of our trips by saving on the right things. When we say something is cheap, it really is cheap and not like “Swiss” cheap if you know what we mean.

We are complete amateurs not having proper equipment (kinda), but somehow managing to do things right (or at least we think so) enough to survive.

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