Finding a good accommodation at a reasonable price, can actually be a pain in the ass sometimes. 

There are three kinds of travelers: the ones that can sleep anywhere, including the street or the car , the ones that book a hotel/hostel in advance and the ones that try to arrange things once they get to their destination. We’ve already tried all the ways and these are the advices we can give you:

  • if you’re traveling in most of Europe or the US, we recommend you to book accommodation in advance, unless you wanna walk around the city looking for a free room or go to the first shit hole you find. Usually, in these regions, the hotels and hostels are constantly full and you risk getting a “no can do” and stay at the door;
  • in Asia, in countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos or Thailand, a good idea is to check online if a place is available, how many free rooms are left and simply go there in person to book it. It is common to pay less than what was advertised online, but even if the receptionist tells you a higher price, you can always book via one of these platforms. And remember that in some of these countries it’s common to negotiate the price.
  • while in Switzerland, just sleep on the street. It’s safe, nobody will steal from you (you may even receive some spare change) and why to spend all your monthly salary for just a good night of sleep anyway? This can apply to all the trips where you’re on a tight budget. We can tell you that we’ve personally tried to sleep 5 people inside a car and everything is possible, even quite comfortable, depending on the amount of vodka you have with you.

You can also get accommodation for free by staying with locals (Couchsurfing) or in monasteries and other religious sites located around the world. Yes, it’s possible! often has discounts and promotions for regular clients that can help you save a lot of money. With them, you can sometimes get accommodated as a Swiss and pay as a Polish. Opening your account there is definitely not a bad idea, besides the fact that they will spam you day and night, so think about setting it with a second email account you may have. logo is probably the most famous and the most used website when booking accommodations online. Not only have you got hotels listed here, but also private houses. The website design is very intuitive and simple to use. The more you book with them, the more discounts and secret deals you will get. For a 10% discount, book via the following button:

agoda logo

When we did our 3-month Asian trip, we were surprised to see that Agoda is really popular over there. It's always a good idea to compare prices in different platforms. The formula is always the same: photos, reviews, description of the accommodations, types of rooms available, etc. Please, pay attention to the final price to pay and make sure that additional taxes were not added.

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AirBnB allows you to rent an entire house/apartment for yourself, or just a room while sharing the house with other guests or even the host. It's a great choice to meet locals. If you rent a room, it will depend a lot on who you stay with. If you rent an entire flat/house, you won't have most of the times some ammenities such as breakfast included, for example.

The bridge between backpackers and/or budget travelers and hosts all over the world. And it's all for FREE! Some hosts are expats, former travelers, others just wanna make international friends or improve their language skills. Don't expect privacy as you should interact and engage with your hosts. It can be fun, but some hosts require your attentiony. Overall, it is a good experience. logo

Very similar to the already presented and Agoda. You choose where you want to go, the preferred dates, number of rooms and travelers and all the available options will be presented to you. Boring stuff, you know.

Dedicated to young backpackers who travel on a budget. Some of them have breakfast included in the price, but usually all the ammenities such as safe box or towels are extra paid. You need to have in mind that when you sleep with other 13 people in the same room, there's not much privacy and it's hard to get a good night's sleep.