The companies below are undoubtedly the best options to travel risk-free without having to pay shitty exchange rates while abroad. We use Revolut all the time, even in our home country, and it’s great! The company has recently received a banking licence approved by the European Central Bank. 

Basically, they have several plans (free and paid) and offer services such as pre-paid debit cards, currency exchange, cryptocurrency exchange and peer-to-peer payments. You’ve got to register yourself and order your physical card. They allow ATM withdrawals in many countries without commissions and the creation of several different currency accounts within the app. There are also many safety options: you can either block your card completely or just some of its features (contactless payments, ATM withdrawals, online payments…), and create a virtual card to be used only for online payments.

Personally, starting to use the Revolut card was definitely a game changer and we definitely recommend it to everyone. Once you go commission-free, you never go back.