All right, so, you’ve decided where you’d like to travel to. That’s great! Congrats! But it’s quite far from where you live and the only viable option that you currently see to get there is flying?

Well, that’s OK I guess. Nowadays, especially if you’re based in Europe (long live the EU!), it is really easy and cheap to travel through our beloved continent, by using low-cost airlines such as Ryanair, Easyjet or Wizzair. To be fair, Asians can not complain either because of their Air Asia, but still, if you’re based elsewhere, well, we’re sorry.

So, if you want to check if you can find a cheaper flight than the one shown to you, or if you are just a beginner when it comes to traveling, you can find below a list of some websites where you can compare prices and search for the best deal.

This is the website we use the most. Basically a travel search engine that scans hundreds of airlines to show you the best deals. You can filter the flights by number of stops, departure times, journey duration and airlines. There are no extra fees and you usually are redirected to the airline's webpage. If you're undecided about where to go, write "everywhere" as destination and see all the possible flights available for the dates chosen.

google flights logo

The tech giant also offers a flight search engine, more practical and more customizable than Skyscanner. The big plus of Google Flights is the option to see on the map all the prices to the different available destinations from your defined departure point. It has similar filters to Skyscanner and it's always a good option to compare prices between these two platforms.

Momondo is a free travel website that compares millions of flights, hotels and rental cars. Momondo is not a travel agency and it only shows you the currently available prices on the market with no extra fees. With just 1 click, you will be redirected to the chosen website. It's been recommended by CNN, New York Times and others.