One of the most important things when abroad in a not familiar place, is to have the right tools to tell you the best way to your next destination. We know that nowadays in Europe, roaming is not really a problem, but what if you’re somewhere else? That’s when the apps below come in handy. Most of them allow offline navigation but we also included one app that requires internet connection, but that in return tells you the location of the police and fixed speed cameras.

google maps logo

Google maps

Allows you to save offline maps so you don't need to be worried about roaming charges. Unlike other apps where you save a specific country, region or city, here you have to highlight an area by zooming in and out.

waze logo


It was bought by Google and requires you to have an internet connection. It's more like a community of drivers allowing them to set alerts for other drivers to see. It's great since you can see if there's police or speed cameras on the way.


You can download offline maps of any country at the touch of a button. Its advantage over Google maps is that you can get voice directions even in offline mode. There's also a "use app offline" slider so you can be sure you're not using any data. logo

It's made to primarily work offline. You can't even navigate to some place that you haven't downloaded the map for. It's based on OpenStreetMap, which is constantly updated by users online and includes spoken turn-by-turn navigation while offline.