If you’re the kind of person that likes to check restaurants/bars and plan ahead where to eat and drink during your next trip, or if you just have a sensitive stomach, here you can find the best websites where you can conduct your research. In these, you can filter restaurants by price, type of cuisine, ratings, etc.

We do it very rarely, since we prefer to find out good typical hidden places by ourselves. Just remember that:

  • Locals don’t need menus with pictures to choose from;
  • Pizza in Asia is a mistake 97,4% of the time;
  • Hamburger in Asia is a mistake 84,6% of the time;
  • Find a place away from the tourist attractions. The stranger and more suspicious it seems, the better the food will be;
  • Street food is often the cheapest and the most traditional choice.

You will find more detailed information on where to eat in a certain city in the respective travel guide.

tripadvisor logo

Probably, the most famous worldwide. You can compare prices, read reviews and book. It also offers interactive travel forums.

thefork logo

TheFork was bought by Tripadvisor and it's 100% dedicated to restaurants' online reservations. It is used only in Europe.

yelp logo

Similar to Tripadvisor but not only dedicated to travel. It is most commonly used in the United States and you can rate the majority of businesses.