City guides

Typical food

Foie gras – it is made from the liver of a goose or duck that’s been fattened in a special way. It can be sold as a whole or as a mousse or pâté.

Cassoulet – a slow-cooked casserole with meat, pork skin and white beans

Herb buttered snails – the name says it all.

Quiche – better than explaining it is to see it here. If you happen to be invited to someone’s house and you’re thinking of bringing something with you, a quiche is always a good choice

Ratatouille – remember the movie? Yeah… it’s a mixture of steamed vegetables (including onions, tomatoes, aubergine, zucchini, peppers), garlic and other things.

Gratin dauphinois – simply delicious. Sliced potatoes baked in cream or milk. Many variations also add cheese and everybody knows that cheese makes everything better.

Coq au vin – chicken braised with wine (usually red Burgundy), lardons and mushrooms

Frog legs – we don’t need to explain that one.

Baguette – what’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of France? Baguette of course!

Beef bourguignon – also called beef Burgundy, is a stew often braised in red Burgundy, usually flavoured with onions, carrots and garlic and accompanied with mushrooms, onions and bacon

Chocolate soufflé/mousse

Wine – traditionally, it is THE historical beverage of France. There are many diverse varieties and France is one of the biggest consumers of wine per capita in the world, alongside with Portugal, Slovenia and Croatia.

Sparkling wine – or as many people tend to say, champagne. The term champagne is however incorrect as it refers only to the sparkling wine that comes from the Champagne region of France.

Kir – blackcurrant liqueur topped up with white wine. The other variation, kir royal, it’s similar but instead of white wine, it’s topped up with champagne.

Pastis – anise-flavoured spirit, usually containing around 40 or 45% of alcohol.

General prices

France is not a cheap country. The minimum salary is around 1500 € and prices are set accordingly:

  • Meal at inexpensive restaurant – 12,00 €
  • McMenu at McDonald’s – 7,50 €
  • Coke/Pepsi 0,33 l – 2,32 €
  • Water 0,33 l – 1,40 €

Alcohol Policy

In general, there’s no problem drinking on the streets but it’s not very common between locals. They prefer to sit inside a pub or on a coffee terrace during summer days. However, in some special days, the consumption of alcohol on public roads is prohibited.

The maximum blood alcohol limit to drive in France is 0,5 g/l.

Drug Policy

Drug use is illegal in France and if you get caught you may face 1 year in jail and a 3.750,00 € fine. 


We don’t recommend walking alone at night in the big cities such as Paris or Marseille. Also, France is one of the most targeted countries in Europe by terrorist groups.

General emergency number in European Union – 112

France’s country code – +33

Fire brigade – 18

Police – 17