City guides

Typical food

Rye bread – extremely popular in Latvia. The Latvians love to accompany almost every dish with this type of bread. It’s also often eaten at breakfast with butter and cheese or ham.

Beetroot soup

Speck – it is an extremely fat type of smoked bacon made from pork belly. 

Bread soup – considered to be a dessert in Latvia.

Smoked fish – coming directly from the Baltic sea.

Potato pancakes – although for many people it is hard to imagine pancakes made from potatoes, Latvians cannot imagine their lives without it. Usually accompanied by sour cream.

Kvass – a popular drink in Eastern Europe, made from rye bread. It has a similar taste to beer but a lot sweeter. It can have up to 1,2% alcohol in it.

Beer – when we first visited Latvia, we were surprised to see the crazy amount of craft beers existing in every single restaurant. If you like beer, then you should definitely try some Latvian cold ones.

Riga black balsam – a thick, black beverage that is made from 24 all-natural  ingredients, including 17 botanicals. It usually contains 45% of alcohol.

General prices

  • Big meal with starters, main dishes and 1 litre of beer for 2 people – 25,00 € (our price at Folkkubs Ala Pagrabs restaurant)
  • McMenu at McDonald’s – 5,00 €
  • Beer 0,5 l – 2,00 €
  • Water 0,33 l – 0,60 €
  • Coke/Pepsi 0,33 l – 0,85 €

Alcohol Policy

Drinking in public areas is strictly forbidden (street, parks, etc.). Even if you’re not drinking, you can’t carry an open bottle of any kind of alcohol beverage on the street, it needs to be closed. The only exception is during New Year’s Eve, where the authorities close their eyes.

The legal alcohol limit for drivers in Latvia is 0,5 g/l.

Drug Policy

It is illegal to buy and/or posess any kind of narcotic substances in Latvia as well as being under the influence of drugs in a public place.


Latvia is a very safe country in general. People are friendly, welcoming and speak perfect English. There may be severe storms during the winter.

Emergency numbers:

General emergency number in European Union – 112

Latvia’s country code – +371

Medical service – 113 and 03

Fire brigade – 01

Police – 110 and 02