City guides

Typical food

Bar mleczny / stołówka – the common name of the restaurants or canteens where you will find a range of cheap food (including the simple traditional dishes) on a daily basis.  

Highlights of polish food worth trying in good restaurants:

Bigos – it can be translated into English as hunter’s steaw. A mixture of various meats and sauerkraut.

Duck breast with apples – unique taste when prepared the Polish way.

Pierogi – Polish dumplings. It’s possible to find a huge variety of stuffings such as ground meat, a combination of cottage cheese and potatoes, spinach, mushrooms, blueberries, among many others.

Gołąbki – boiled cabbage leaves wrapped around a filling of minced pork or beef, chopped onions, and rice or barley.

Soups – they play a big role in the Polish cuisine. Gotta try them all: żurek takes the first place, barszcz, szczawiowa, grzybowa, flaki, rosół, krupnik

Sausages – hundreds, thousands of different types of sausage. 

Faworki – together with Polish doughnuts, they are eaten on “Fat Thursday”, the Polish equivalent of Mardi Gras. They are basically pieces of fried dough coated with powdered sugar.

Pączki – make sure to grab a warm one. the most common filling flavors are plums and rose petals. Our favorites are apple and raspberry.

VODKA! – What else do you think should be on the top of this list? From those of you who don’t know, vodka was first invented in Poland. And the amount of different flavors there is! Grass, raspberry, lemon, peach, apple… you choose.

Cider and lots of craft beers

Mead – in Polish miód pitny, which means “drinkable honey”. It’s made by fermentation of honey.

Kompot – from Slavic origin. It’s non-alcoholic and made by cooking different fruits in a large volume of water. Often, sugar and raisins are also added as additional sweeteners.

General prices

Poland is still one of the cheapest countries of the EU. You can have a good quality dinner at a restaurant, incluiding drinks, for less than 40 zł. Warsaw, as the capital, is the most expensive Polish city, but it’s still cheap, even if you are from Portugal. By visiting Warsaw, Americans will finally know what it’s like to be a Kardashian and the Swiss will feel like kings of the world.

Below, common costs of goods you can compare with almost every other country:

  • McMenu at McDonald’s – 17 zł
  • Coke/Pepsi 33 cl – 3,75 zł
  • Water 33 cl – 3,10 zł
  • Average Monthly Net Salary – 3 308,10 zł

Alcohol Policy

In Poland, drinking on the streets or in the parks is strictly prohibited and the only exception to the rule is if you are in a beer garden or at a festival area. If you get caught, you’ll have to pay around 100 zł. An extremely stupid law, we agree. 

You should never drive after drinking but if you plan to, don’t forget that the blood alcohol content limit in Poland is 0,2 g/l.

Drug Policy

All drugs, soft or heavy, are illegal in Poland. Talking about consequences for possessing drugs in Poland, there is no fine but directly a law process and even the possibility of going to jail. In case you don’t have a recommended/trusted source and if you really want to consume any prohibited substances, we would rather go to Czech Republic which is not far.


It is a relatively safe country, especially in the main cities, accostumed to tourists. Racism exists in Poland, but you are more likely to experience it in the countryside and poor villages. Just avoid bald guys wearing tracksuit and you’ll be fine.

Emergency numbers:

General emergency number in European Union – 112

Poland’s country code – +48

Ambulance – 999

Fire brigade – 998

Police – 997